Ed Stark


Eddard was a trusted, close friend and counselor of King Robert Baratheon. He encouraged Robert’s play for the authority by acting as a general in many major battles. Eddard’s sister Lyanna, who was promised to Robert, was captured by Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, sparking the fighting. Brandon opposed the crime, but his attempt to bring Rhaegar to justice failed. Lord Rickard was asked to court in King’s Landing by Aerys, and both Brandon and Rickard were executed by the Mad King. Their losses left Eddard to inherit Rickard’s responsibilities, serving King Robert instead. Brandon had been pledged to Catelyn, and Eddard also inherited his brother’s bride. Died in Eddard’s arms during the conflict. Despite his beautiful family life, Eddard still felt the undoing of his family quite keenly, often attending his sister’s tomb to light a candle for her as his daughter, Sansa, learned. Eddard’s other younger sibling, Benjen, still lives and is a part of the Night’s Watch, an organization of which Eddard is a keen advocate. He also seemed to have troubles keeping his bannermen in line as Stannis Baratheon learned his brother, Robert, telling the Northmen were difficult to control, even with Eddard on his side. Eddard wielded a Valyrian greatsword named Ice (an heirloom of House Stark) which he used on ceremonial occasions. Littlefinger informs Eddard that Catelyn has followed him to the city. Eddard is enraged when Littlefinger takes him to a brothel, thinking he is the victim of a bad joke. Catelyn interrupts as Eddard attacks Littlefinger. She tells Eddard that she has moved south to report a murder attempt against Bran. The assassin was killed but was bearing a Valyrian steel knife. Littlefinger recognizes the blade as one that he squandered in a bet with Tyrion Lannister, and they assume that the Lannisters were also after Bran’s original injuries. Eddard agrees to try to prove the truth, and Catelyn asks him to trust Littlefinger, her girlhood friend. Eddard grudgingly agrees, though he finds Littlefinger disagreeable and dishonorable.

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