Little Lion

Tyrion deals with his jailor, Mord, to get a conference with Lady Arryn. He “confesses” to being a whoremaster and dwarf, but honestly insists that he is not charged with the crime of slaying Jon Arryn or trying to murder Bran. He requires a trial by conflict as is his right and his order is granted when the sellsword Bronn allows standing as his hero. Bronn wins and kills Lady Arryn’s titleholder, Ser Vardis Egen. By the rules of Westeros, this indicates that Tyrion has demonstrated his blamelessness in the sights of the gods, and he is released from this Eyrie to face the perilous trip back through the tribesman-infested hills. Bronn accompanies him. Tyrion builds some ground rules with Bronn, saying he will pay more gold than anyone else who attempts to influence him to betray Tyrion. They are then enclosed by men of the hill tribes, headed by Shagga. Tyrion handles his quick wit and words to gain the allegiance of the tribes, proposing to provide them better weapons for fighting and help them capture the Vale of Arryn in repayment for their help. Shagga agrees although he remarks that if Tyrion tries to renege on his agreement, he will cut off his adulthood and supply it to the goats.
Tywin Lannister’s troops have been pushing Catelyn’s base in the Riverlands ever since she caught Tyrion. It’s not that he worries so much about Tyrion, he tells to Jaime, but since even though Tyrion is the least of them he is still a Lannister, and if they let one of their personal to be taken so quickly, they chance to miss the admiration of the other Houses. The Hillmen present Tyrion to his father’s army, where he discovers that Robb Stark is driving an army to war. Tyrion informs his father that Robb should not be undervalued. Tywin agrees to honor Tyrion’s agreement with the hill tribes. When Shagga says they will only attack if Tyrion is with them on the field, Tywin also agrees, to Tyrion’s dismay. So they decided to move large amounts of weapons to the tribesmen even if they didn’t have┬áto help to complete the task.

Tyrion is commanded by his father to direct the hill tribes into fighting from the front. Feeling that his father intends to kill him, Tyrion retreats to his tent, where he discovers that Bronn has seen a prostitute for him, a girl named Shae. Tyrion strives to learn more about Shae via a drinking contest but finds his subjects deflected. Instead, he informs her about his private past with Tysha, a wheelwright’s daughter. They married and spent many happy weeks together until Tywin heard of the matter. Tywin had Jaime tell Tyrion the truth, which Tysha was a whore that Jaime had paid to secure his brother happy for a while. Tywin later gave her a piece of silver for each one of his guards she had sex with while Tyrion was forced to watch. Since then Tyrion has never ventured to take a wife or lover, only prostitutes he can pay and send on their way.
The next morning, Tyrion heads the tribes into battle but is knocked out by one of his own soldiers’ is-swung clubs just as the engagement begins. Healing after the battle, Tyrion receives from his father that Robb deceived them, keeping their company with a feinting unit so the main Stark host can fall on and crush Jaime’s army in battle. With Jamie captured, Robb’s armies now partnered to those of the Riverlands and both Stannis and Renly Baratheon challenging the Iron Throne, the odds have rotated against the Lannisters. Tywin chances being caught between three hosts, so he flees to Harrenhal. Tyrion offers shrewd observations regarding the dangerous turn the current circumstances has become now that Joffrey has executed Eddard Stark. Grudgingly impressed, Tywin commands Tyrion to report to King’s Landing and serve as the Hand of the King to try to keep Joffrey in line and perform any of the Small Council members if they try something treasonous. Tywin refuses him to take “that whore” with him, but Tyrion opposes him and asks Shae to come to King’s Landing with him.